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    Back to Uni

    Posted on Thursday, September 9th, 2010 by Malin

    I had my first class the day after my birthday, thinking I was going to be hungover I was a bit angsty on how it was supposed to go.

    Luckily, I was only tired, so I could at least focus on half of it.

    I’ve also signed up for a course that has nothing to do with my GAME education as a whole, but to get a Liberal Education ‘stamp’; the bare thought of it making a lot of classmate’s angry (since it’s not really worth it in a lot of people’s opinions) but I’m actually looking forward to it. The two courses I’ve had so far have been quite useless, but I do believe this one might turn out to be noteworthy. It includes reading a lot of novels and discussing them through different perspectives, including what kind of person the reader is. Well, if I understand it correctly anyhow… Its description is kind of fuzzy. Either way I am hoping it will be educational and inspirational so that it might actually make a difference to when I write things… And that I do not go Bitchy Ms. Lazyass on it so that I don’t appreciate it for what it is.

    But… I like writing and I like books. Of course, saying you “like games” does not mean you have what it takes to design them, and this applies to writing, too. A sentence one of our teachers said once still rings in my head: “No one gives a shit about your story”, so I still have to focus on improving my 3D/animation/2D skills.

    Hmm… I”m thinking of designing some sort of schedule so that I don’t end up in a deep end with too much shit over my head.

    Wooh, 20 minutes left until I have to head out the door for a lecture! War in games is nothing that really interests me, but I’m trying to turn a little bit more open-minded.

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