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    Through The Rapid Lense: Harvest #1

    Posted on Monday, October 4th, 2010 by Malin

    Gone with the Wind

    After watching the japanese drama Byakuyakou where the two main characters connect with each other by reading the book version of Gone with The Wind, I was reminded of how I had always wanted to see the movie as a child, seeing it on display for years and years in a small store I used to visit to buy candy. It’s impossible not to love any of the characters in it, except one of the maids. And oh my gosh the dresses… *o*

    Remember the Daze

    I love movies about teenagers in different decades, and perhaps it is time for the 90′s to make their appearance on screen from a 2010 point of view, since all those amazing 70-80′s flicks were probably made in the 90′s or so… But this one failed at portraying the beauty of it all, big time.

    It might’ve been okay if they had more silver make up, hair with braids and ugly scrungies… Nah, the essence of the 90′s just wasn’t there for me. Sure, all the teenagers got high on drugs and had sex like the title implied, but come on… Since when did they not? The only thing I liked that I haven’t seen that much in 90 movies were the hybrid of geek/goth– the ones who colored their hair black/blue and only wore black clothes, but didn’t use enough black nail polish, jewelry or makeup to be classified as a goth. Ahhh, I used to be one of them.

    Kill Bill

    One of the few movies I never grow tired of, and as I turn older and wiser *cough* I recognize more and more pop culture references in it. Ahhh, amazing.

    Sex and the City The Movie 1 & 2

    They both suck compared to the series.

    #1 Probably marketed as 30-40 year old’s who wants to know they still got their spark left, with or without a partner. It was okay. I love Vivienne Westwood, but that bride’s dress was really not to die for. ….or maybe I’m just not one who loves dresses that gives you spikey breasts.

    #2 Probably marketed for a waaaaaaaay older audience than myself… Just a bit muddle of boredom and “OOOH, AHH, SUCH A PRETTY PLACE”-scenes, and in all of that it was trying to make some sort of statement about the freedom of sex and how all women are alike all around the world… Gaahhh… That was just…. bullshiiiiiiit. It was not well-executed at all, but the director sure did have a lot of money to spend…

    Brief Encounter

    I looked it up since I read somewhere that the dialogues in it were supposed to be good. They were beautiful, and this is the only black and white movie I’ve ever seen where I’ve never stopped for a second to think “Oh, I wonder what color her lipstick/dress is”.


    Uma Thurman, more gorgeous than ever. Unsatisfactory ending, but it made sense even though I wanted a more happy one, being the romantic I am.

    Dracula’s Daughter

    According to Anne Rice’s facebook, this was one of the movies that were a huge inspiration for her when it came to the Vampire Chronicles. Dracula’s Daughter wants to be saved from her addiction– she wants to be redeemed. She believes the psychologist will be able to help her since he keeps on saying that almost any illness can be cured. I’d love to see a remake of it, since the original was so short and there’s so much the story that could be explored.

    A sidenote– this is the first movie I’ve seen that depicts Hellsing as an old scientific man more than a steroid-pumped hunter, which was a welcomed change. But perhaps it is me who haven’t seen enough movies except blockbusters… He did resemble the game Dracula Origin’s version of Hellsing quite a lot, both when it came to looks and personality. I wonder if they got inspiration from this movie?

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