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    Hamburg Internship #1: Life-Long Dream Accomplished

    Posted on Friday, December 30th, 2011 by Malin

    As a part of my internship, my job is also to write about what I do. Now, I haven’t started yet, but I have just gotten settled in in my new room! Well, sorta. Still have to sort some things out.

    I accidentally had Oreos for dinner, too. ANYHOW.

    The vaccuum cleaner I borrowed was one of those fabulous old retro ones. Super-heavy, but so COOL. Not to sound like a silly little housewife (those who know me well know I’m nothing of the sort), but I’ve always dreamed of vacuuming with one of these!

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    The Dragon That Wasn’t There

    Posted on Monday, December 26th, 2011 by Malin

    Before I even went into the cinema I knew I was going to hate the american version of “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”. I had just seen the three Swedish films (long overdue, I know) – but since Americans did a splendid job of destroying “Let The Right One In” – this film couldn’t have done better.

    I was wrong.

    They did everything right.

    1. Swedish product placement including Swedish actors to win the Swedish fan club over, including myself. (She’s eating a Kexchoklad for christ’s sakes! Who can’t love that?)
    2.  Trent Reznor composing the soundtrack.
    3. Stayed closer to the book, according to my source. (I need to read them ASAP)
    4. In case anyone were to find alternative/punk/goth chicks ugly – make her hot by showing her tits enough to last a lifetime. (Not sure if I agree with this one, but I’m probably not the audience in that aspect)

    But here comes the unfathomable error that I never saw coming.

    Lisbeth Salander.

    The wardrobe for this gorgeous creature was fantastic, as well as the actress herself. Everything is so aesthetically pleasing I just couldn’t find myself hating her, even though Noomi Rapace is a good Lisbeth.

    However, her dragon tattoo compared to the Swedish version is… TINY.

    This shows EXACTLY how different she is in the two versions. She’s not a flaming dragon here. She’s squeaking and tiny; a baby dragon.

    The reason why I mention this in my blog is because I want to acknowledge how easy it is to fuck a character up if you’re not careful – not only through dialogue but also with the small things as appearance and make-up.

    In the Swedish movie – Lisbeth doesn’t only cover her face with a thick fringe, but also covers her eyes with black soot – ALL the time. It is only after a few weeks with Mr. Blomkvist at the cabin that this starts to disappear, as if her layers are peeling off – even though she always manage to push him away as soon as he tries to get close.

    The make-up is her shield*, but for the aesthetic value alone the American version chose to get our grungey alternative girl keep her black soot rubbed off – tiny hints of it still being underneath her eyes. They’ve even rouged her cheeks with a cute pink colour and cut off her heavy fringe and put up her hair in braids and other various cool hair do’s – showing off her pretty face.

    It is indeed pretty. But it’s not Lisbeth.

    This is Lisbeth, in all her glory:

    And this is the only reason why I’ll always prefer the Swedish version, with all its flaws.

    Noomi Rapace, I am sorry for doubting you.


    …and another thing. Why would such a kickass hacker as her use Google?


    *(Make-up is very present in the Swedish version’s third movie during the trial – every day Lisbeth walks in with a full costume; mohawk, black eyes and darkened, menacing eyebrows. Maybe to put the judge’s prejudice to the test, or in my opinion; to feel protected from those who mean her harm)

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