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    Hamburg Internship #10: Week 9 – Writing Tabu

    Posted on Friday, March 9th, 2012 by Malin

    So… What is Violence exactly?

    Discussions about the main villain in my story has been in my head this week. The word “attack” and other synonyms used in a children’s story is very tabu. Why hide something that children will understand anyway? Just to make the adults reading it with the child feel more secure? Why are adults doubting children’s comprehension of things? I am not one of those who like to see 10 year old’s be excited over the fact that they can kill people with plastic bags in “the new Manhunt game”, but I am not one of those who like to sugarcoat things just so the parents feel more safe.

    My mother read One Thousand and One Nights to me as a child and a favorite story from the Greek Mythology was one of Theseus journey to the Labyrinth and slaying the evil Minotaur. I was scared shitless, but it was awesome nonetheless!

    Can it be because my heroine is a girl, and she gets attacked by an evil wolf? Can’t girls be attacked in children’s stories? And is it worse if a female she trusted is attacking her? The plot thickens. I will try things out and see what sticks. I also need my concept artist to draw a wolf with a face that isn’t too scary, but still scary enough making you disconnected to the wolf as it’s… Eh. Not in the story anymore, so to speak.

    Either way… I got the chance to write dialogue for three of the characters I wrote character sheets for. OUUUHH! Writing the perfect line is hardddddddd. You need to know your characters really well; hinting at what you know is underneath. Nothing should ever feel like it’s being “explained”. Difficult! Especially since I love writing long sentences, and when a game needs to count every word that is said, it’s tricky! But very challenging, and I love it!

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    Hamburg Internship #9: Week 8 – Changing Rooms

    Posted on Friday, March 9th, 2012 by Malin

    It’s been awhile…!

    A lot has happened. For one thing, I’ve changed rooms! The other project that was having the same room as me has started to grow; a few animators and scripters are being acquired and they needed the space I was taking up.

    The people in my new room are pretty cool too, so no harm done. Other than that, I wrote a lot of character sheets, and had lively discussions with the concept designer of the main ideas were, and backgrounds for the main characters. My dear Narrative and Game Designers, my lesson this week has been this: Even if something is not to be shown in game, never say “it does not matter what their relationship is, it will never be in game”.

    Never say never! Planning sucks but once it’s done, the fun stuff, aka dialogues, works like a charm.


    In news of my own project, I created images and descriptions of all rooms/images and got feedback from the programmers, so now I definitely know what will work and what won’t. They gave me an OK-stamp (not literally), which is good! My concept artist even took the time to concept a few images, so this week was pretty good!

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