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    Hamburg Internship Daedalic: The Rabbit’s Apprentice is ANNOUNCED!

    Posted on Thursday, August 2nd, 2012 by Malin

    Characters present in the images are Jerry Hazelnut (main character with his cute big hat!), Jerry’s mother, Edith the Squirrel and Spitzweig the adventurer!

    For 6 months I had an internship at Daedalic Entertainment in Hamburg, and 3 of those were spent working on a game by Matthias Kempke named The Rabbit’s Apprentice.

    The game got announced yesterday and images are starting to circle the web. I’m super-excited! I worked there to evolve the story and enhanced some characters together with the creator, while writing dialogue, hotspot text and puzzle logic for the game. I had a blast doing so and I’m extremely happy to finally be able to do the modernised version of “shouting it from the rooftops”; writing a blog entry about it and posting it on Facebook! Heh… :D

    Hopefully its official website will have more information to tell soon, but for now you have to make due with the one available: http://www.rabbitsapprentice.com

    Categories: Daedalic Entertainment, Gaming, Hamburg | 2 Comments »