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    Tiny Scheduling

    Posted on Monday, February 18th, 2013 by Malin

    Hello? Hello? Yes, yes, I’m still here! Unfortunately there’s not much to say nor show that wouldn’t bore you, dear reader.

    Well, alright, since you look so sad, I got something for you. Today I created a quick schedule for one of the chapters of a project I’m working on. I needed to see what has been implemented and what can be implemented, since some things, like the walkmap, has to be done before the scaling can be done, and after using Excel for managing some of my other projects I’ve gotten a bit fond of it (and I bet my teachers are happy to see my development).

    Strange, isn’t it? Four years ago I wouldn’t have believed it; Me, keeping track of myself, and in Excel of all things?

    “Ew,” Malin from four years ago would’ve spitten out with disgust.

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