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    That Moment When Your Rolemodel Notices You

    Posted on Tuesday, March 12th, 2013 by Malin

    Have you ever had that moment? I’ve had a few, unfortunately or fortunately, mostly including fan-art contests (where I usually didn’t win, but at least I got nominated! One time my favorite illustrator even asked if she could exhibit my fanart – which were dolls of her characters – on a show she was doing. I was so happy I could die).

    This time contest was a little swithed up and included a postcard, hosted by my first love when it came to doll creation; Marina Bychkova. The winner is presented with the best prize she could possibly think up; one of her gorgeous Enchanted Dolls, cast in resin. I doubt my dear Rolf Lidberg postcard stands a chance, even though that illustration means a lot to me (he was born in the same town I grew up in, and I miss Sweden a little, so seeing his cute trolls in forests always make me happy). But to be a top 50 out of ~450 isn’t too bad, right?

    Especially when I read her description to the postcard:

    Fangirl Squee! :$

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