Rain of Reflections

Rain of Reflections

Game, Level and Narrative Designer
Sweden, Stockholm, Lionbite 2015 – 2016

Narrative Design

  • Creating characters and background stories.
  • Creating and writing outlines for dialogues and text-based puzzles.
  • Creating documentation and writing pipelines together with creative director.
  • Giving feedback on dialogue lines and voice actors.
  • Writing slogans for graffiti and trademarks within the game world.

  • Game Design

  • Paper prototyping gameplay & rapid prototyping features.
  • Creating and structuring functional pipelines for the game design department.
  • Designing A.I. behavior.
  • Writing and updating wiki with game design and mockups.
  • Writing technical documents and building tools together with programmers.
  • Mockups for UI.

  • Level Design

  • Topdowns and town planning, making sure all levels fit seamlessly together as a complete universe.
  • Whiteboxing levels and iterating them by making sure that camera, lighting and focal points ease the player through the level.
  • Node-based scripting to create and design cut-scenes, puzzles, dialogues, level transitions and camera pans.
  • Animating objects (such as doors, elevators etc).

  • Trailer